Reflection Time!

Throughout the presentations and discussions time, the topic I found most interesting is prostitution and the gap between the rich and poor in society nowadays.

Prostitution was a big social problem that we had a lot of arguments about during the discussion. The reason I found it really interesting because we don’t get to talk about topics like this on a daily basis because we don’t really pay much attention to how big the situation is. This is a very good opportunity to listen to our classmate’s ideas. The gap between the rich and the poor was very interesting as well because we got all the privilege we got in this school, and I’m sure that everyone is thankful for that. The fact that we don’t see the poor side as much we weren’t able to feel the gap.

The topic that is the most important that I think is the gap between the rich and poor because we can’t really feel like it’s really happening today. We may see a picture that might make us feel sorry for or sad about but after a while, we most likely forget about it, so I think it’s kind of important.

From reading the book and the discussion we made in class, it made me think twice about the things that I get to use and how some people struggle to survive a day. I learnt about from reading the book and answering the discussion question that each group made.


Looking for Hope …

What is the first thing you usually think of when people say the word “Hope”?  Hope is a feeling of expectations and desires for certain things to happen. I think it’s very important for people to have hopes in life. Eventhough some people don’t always achieve it, but at least there’s like a motivation for them to know what they are living for. Not having hope is somewhat like not have a goal in life, but hope is more of things that could be true with very little chance.

In my opinion, someone who has an uncertain life can maintain hope a lot easier than people with certain life. Of course, someone with an uncertain life will lose hope easier than someone who has a certain life because they tend to don’t achieve it and feel the loss and despair that they usually always get.

From taking Mr. Tim’s class, he did talk about why we all believe in a religion or some spiritual realm, and I think it can be both physical things and spiritual things at the same time. We can always have more than one hope right ;). Some might hope for things that they can really experience in life and some might not and hope for something they might feel good eternally. Everyone’s opinions are all different, but I’ll go for both.


Reflection On The Book Thief

The reflection that I had after reading the Book Thief was so significant. It made me realize what the world was back in the 1940s-1950s. The Book Thief, itself, made a huge impact on me that I thought it would just be a book talking about Hitler killing the Jews, but once I knew that the narrator of the book was Death it suddenly surprised me. Death really tells and gives you the new perspective that you don’t usually get when reading books like The Schindler’s List, Anna Frank Biography, and etc… From skimming through those books, we get the sense that it is telling the story from either side which is the Jews or the Germans who are saving the Jews.

Death tells the story in a way that describes humans are such a cruelty to other human beings. humans are supposed to have felt and guilt toward each other, but inside in the book Death had all the feelings rather than those soldiers that got brainwashed by Hitler. The Holocaust should have been a lesson to the whole world that over 60 million people die because of a person’s grudge. In contrast, there are so many genocides around the world for the past 10 to 20 years including the Rwanda genocide. all the genocide usually happen in the continent Africa where the third world is because of the lack of education is also possible.

Survivor Stories

A Story About Leisel Carter

The childhood story that Leisel have told us through the article might not be impacted by the Holocaust directly on her. But it definitely does through emotions, we could see that she was parted from her mom since she was just a toddler. Through her childhood lifetime, she has never spent time with her mother at all because of the work she does and the restriction she had at the time.

leisel carter 1

This story made it memorable because the thought of not having your mother beside you as a toddler is beyond unexpected. Relating it to myself, I don’t ever think that I could have survived not having a mom. It is so touching of how strong she is and how determined she is. Eventhough they don’t get to live together she still kept closed with her mother no matter what. I got to reflect that on my own, if I wasn’t living with my mom how would that feel like. Would I be in need of love or caring from her or other else that only a mother can provide for their child?

The meaning of actively remembering the horrific stories that have happened is to improve the future and also give another perspective for the new generations. As to what Leisel have said in the article, she thought it was very important to remember about it because they can show the future generations on the equality of the human race and how people should treat each other.



Written By: Marion Strobel

We with divided heritage see either side,

Involuntary spies who are upheld by pride,

Tasting the bitter powder, under fire,

Who work, along with soldiers, who, like they, 

Though overhead the rockets turn the night to day,

Ram down the iron stake, spool off the wire.

Nor do the shells cease when the task is done, nor then

Do we find rest who lie as still as other men.

Not by the body is our heart betrayed–

Our tired backs will press to earth like theirs,

Our aching eyes seek sleep or watch the flares,

Close to our fingers is the hand-grenade–

Not by the loyal body as it tries to sleep

But by the treacherous brain. our thoughts like gases


Who do we fight? What are we fighting for?

Wipe off the goggles, clear the mask of breath:

Salvage the head, the brain is spreading death…

Or end the inner with the outer war:                                                                                                 

The first few lines started out pointing the fact that each person comes from different countries and have different kinds of heritage. We see the poet wrote in the sense that those involuntary spies had to do it to support their pride. Describing the environment that they are around, and what they are experiencing during the war with their enemies. There were also so many soldiers that came to the war having the same role as one another. Even when it’s dark those soldiers and spies still felt like it was in the day because of the fire that was coming from the area that got bomb. When the poet wrote “Though overhead rockets turn night to day” symbolizing that the fire coming out of the rocket get is similar to daylight in the night time.

In the next few lines, the poet talks about people who died and what those people thought would be the solutions. Those people thought it would all end and they would all get to rest because of the lost of so many lives. But in the end, they realizes that they were wrong. Those who survived till now are all thinking about their future if it would turn out like their fellow people. The poet even wrote that they lie holding grande in their hands. It is like describing them waiting for their lives to be taken by one of the bomb or they bomb themselves to save many more out on the battlefields. She also compared our brain and thought as gas because no one knew about it or cared about it.

The last four lines are asking back to those leaders out there that initially started the war causing so many of our people and their people to die. The people under the power of the crucial leaders don’t understand what and why we have to fight for. When the poet wrote “salvage the head”, it felt like she was trying to send out this message that we should save our leaders’ brain from thinking all those nonsense and useless things and clear the mind for the brighter future that awaits us. The other option that the poet wrote on the very last line was that they can still continue on killing the population and soon come to an end.




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“I Love My Country”

History is a big part of our world, so many things had happened before the present days have arrived. There is damage, suffer, and joy all over this world that had happen in the past, happening in the present, and will happen in the future. We can learn so many things from our history, which are the existence of this country or how people evolved the past hundreds of years. I think we learn how our nation became powerful or during when did we were at our weakest.

The pros of having a nationalistic thinking are because we get to unite and become one as a country. We can also have the ability to make our country stronger than others because we are a teamwork and people are willing to follow what their leaders suggest them to. Nationalistic thinking helps people to gain protection within their country and most people that have these kinds of thinking is a mixture of conformity and their own wants. The cons of having a nationalistic thinking are that we might be too stubborn and not open up to see that other countries are sometimes better than we are. When everyone is having a narrow, they all tend to fall rather than rise as a whole. I don’t think that it’s mostly good or bad, I just think that it plays a different role in different criteria.  I think there are both gains and losses towards two of the suggestions.

Yes, there is certainly a point where being too patriotic would become harmful to yourself and others. For example, you really love your country to the point that you can harm someone to make your country look more superior than other countries in just a split second. Then, verbally harm comes into play when people start talking bad about your country. You then feel the guilty inside that you shouldn’t have done something embarrassing toward others in the first place.

We should reconsider things that we can negotiate between countries to countries, that would prevent arguments between each other and more peace to come in the future. If we all reconsider things that are small and can be put aside then one day I’m sure that every countries representative can come out and hold each other’s hand to symbolize unity to the world.

Ideas –> WARS

There are so many types of way that you can confront to fundamentalist or extremist, and some way wouldn’t give you the best outcome. By confronting people who have straightforward opinions on a certain things, I think we should talk to them like easy style take it slow and chill. If we were to use words that sound offended to them then they might have bad intentions towards you. I’m sure there is all types of confronting, but if we choose to do it the right way then that could somehow make them notice that they can’t have their idea being more superior than others on their own.

Violence kicks in when people start to confront it in a way that the extremist feels the offended intentions. I think that if confronting we should go slow because we know that they are very stubborn. We can compare extremist to someone who is very hot-headed, and by this we can see that saying things one at a time and let them understand about the world outside of them then they might understand that there are a lot more things beyond what they see if they are willing to open up to something bigger.