Farewell to My Fellow 2019

To be honest, I really don’t know how to start this blog/speech.

First of all, I would like to thank ICS for being my second home for the past 7 years. I have never thought that I would be so attached to a school,  I did volunteer to come at first. But looking back, I wish I could enjoy those days more than being sad about leaving my old school. Now that I am really leaving ICS, I feel like there would definitely be something empty inside of me. Moving on to teachers, I might say that some teachers are strict and they have high expectations like Mr. Mark (jks), but really they are kind, loving, and understanding. They are willing to forgive every mistake I have ever made and focused on the present days. I would say that no other teachers can replace the teachers from ICS.

To my Class of 2019, I will definitely miss everyone. I really don’t know how to make it emotional. I wish that I would have more time to spend with the people that I have just started talking to this year. I think the teachers should have the told us on the very first day of high school to talk to every single person in our grade no matter what (hahaha). Hopefully, in the future, I would have the chance to meet up with every one of you again.

To NoomNimxFriends, I love all of you even though sometimes I say that I hate you. You were the best group of friends I have ever have and I wish we could stay like this forever. Soon, we’ll be separated but I hope that our memories will stay connected forever. Thanks for being there both my good times and bad times. I am going to miss you all.

To IDK (group name), you guys were the last groups of friends I have left after 6 have left the school to some other place. I hope we can still gossip, chitchat, and talk about random stuff like we always do in the future (even though there isn’t really time for that in University).

Until we meet again, Class of 2019.


Damage and Healing

I think the source of healing that Alan Paton is trying to portray the source of healing is the land and Stephen’s family. According to the circle of the journey (the one Mr. Mark showed in class), the beautiful land that Stephen had lived for his whole life before he went into the darkness which was Johannesburg. Leaving the land not knowing the future that in the end would damage a big part of his life. This goes for both James Jarvis and Stephen. But after he came back to the beautiful land that was mentioned in the first couple of page, the land that was once beautiful and magical to the people started facing problems like droughts. But at last, they found a way to fix and made it better. Family is another major component in this story. The author definitely showed the good and the bad of family. The con is that the problems that family members have made can affect the other members. The pro is that they realize how much they value each other and how can a member of the family make such a big impact on the rest of the members.

I’m working on the topic of environmental destruction and some main parts are talking a lot about the environment of the land that Stephen and James come from compared to the land of Johannesburg. I totally understand the damage that humans are doing to the environment, and I think that under our consciousness we definitely know that our world isn’t in the best shape that it can be. abandoned-gold-mines-south-africa-robinson-dam-acid-mine-drainage.jpg

Damage Project

Environmental destruction is such a big word, but it seems like only a few people really notice the word. In 2019, there are a lot of advances in the world today including technologies, population, and etc…  When there are a lot more new things happening and more people living on the planet space tends to tighten up. In order to build things like big beautiful buildings for 100K more people to live. How many trees, grasses, and soils would be cut down and get poured over with concrete? Not just the technologies that are ruining the environment, but the resources that we use on our daily basis can be a bad influence for our body and the environment itself too.

From my own story that I had experienced a few months ago is that the air quality in Thailand was so bad. I never cared about what I was inhaling in because no one in the city made a big deal about it. But when there’s this thing called PM 2.5 out on the news, I thought to myself about it but didn’t pay much attention at the moment because I didn’t understand what it was. A few days later after I saw it on the news, my mom sent me a website through line that explains what PM 2.5 was. It said that PM 2.5 is a very small dust molecule that can travel through your nose down into your lungs and to the bronchi. That will eventually create a start for your lung cancer. Because it’s so small that the lung filter doesn’t even work, so people started selling the N95 mask. I didn’t want to look like a creep so I just wore a normal mask.

From that day on, I started looking at trucks that use oil that creates black smokes. When I see that I felt bad for the people who aren’t able to provide themselves with masks. I started noticing a lot of changes that my family members started to make. For example, my mom usually fills our vehicle with normal diesel, but now she changed to premium diesel which lowers the smokes that comes out of the pipe. Not just the air quality in Bangkok that was bad, but it was all over Thailand including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Nakhon Ratchasima.

A few years ago, there was news talking about people going into the forests to cut down trees which is something really illegal in Thailand. Thinking about the hundreds and hundreds of trees that are cut down was already sad enough. By hearing the news talking about rich people hiring a professional hunter to go into the woods in order to hunt animals like tigers, panthers, leopards, and other big animals. It was devasting to see those animals get killed.

This is just a little country like Thailand, and there are so many living beings getting harm. Imagine being in a bigger country there are so much more risk for the animals and the environment to get hurt.

Future for Others

I haven’t yet put lots of thoughts into what I want to do in the future. If you are asking about the future as in college. I would say that the major that I will be majoring in will help the world to be a better place for people to live in. I’m majoring in environmental engineering. I think that I can serve a great purpose for society not directly but in some other ways. The job that I intend to do might only work for some countries that really do care for their people, but for the countries that don’t, it’s useless.

To be honest, I’m not really sure about what good things I have that will be able to help the society or even change it. This question really gave me a good thought about things that I already have, but can’t do anything with it. For now, I will still be thinking about it, but in the future, I’m sure that I can make at least a small impact for changing the society to be a better place and a suitable place for everyone to live happily.

Around the World Here We Go!

I guarantee you that most of the people on the planet will have traveling as their bucket list. Traveling is a great thing to do and you will also gain a lot just going somewhere that you have never been to. Going to a country or even a place within your country that you have never been to or thought about. It would be a very good experience to learn how it’s like outside of the capital city.

Responsible tourist, in my opinion, when going to a country or places that we haven’t been to before, we should research about the things that can be done in the area around there and things that can’t be done. I think it’s a very important thing to get some information because if you were to violate their laws or rules that they have made for the past 50 years, it would still be our fault.

Going to a foreign country, we should make new friends, exchange cultural values, and traditions within our country too. It is a better way to make it seem like it is worth traveling to that country. The relationship we make with the people there can be a benefit for us later on in the future, but who knows.

I’m don’t really remember the whole situation that had happened, but I can recover some. I was in a foreign country that had a traditional dance of their own, and I went to take a look at the big crowd in front of me. Once they started dancing, I found the moves that they were doing very funny, and now that I realize I shouldn’t make fun of their tradition I feel bad for performing bad actions towards it.


Taiwan (The Republic of China) ;)

The other half of me came from Taiwan. A country is known for its food, people, and being part of China. Eventhough, I spent most of my life living in Thailand, I find Taiwan a very interesting place and I’m proud of being a part of that country.

Taipei 101

Image result for taipei 101

The tallest building from the year 2004 until 2010. It is located in the Xinyi district which is the center of the city of Taipei. Around the building, you will see many buildings around it. Around the district, there are multiple shopping malls that you can take a look at. At night the building will light up with different colors to attract people’s attention and also make it the center of attention around here.

Alishan Scenic Mountain Area 

Image result for alishan national scenic area

The infinity time that you would have to turn your steering wheel and yet you have not arrived at the location you should be. Alishan is has a breathtaking scenic view that you should see it in person rather than on pictures, but to get there isn’t the best journey you will experience. Once you get up there, there will be a tea shop that you can get a free sip and enjoy the beautiful view at the same time.

Longshan Temple 

Image result for longshan temple

Stepping into the area, you can smell of incense passing through your hair. It is a Buddhist temple, but a lot different from what you would experience in Thailand. The structure of the temple has a lot of differences compared to our country’s temple. People believed that going to the place is to worship Guanshinyin Buddha and other divine spirits.

Reflection Time!

Throughout the presentations and discussions time, the topic I found most interesting is prostitution and the gap between the rich and poor in society nowadays.

Prostitution was a big social problem that we had a lot of arguments about during the discussion. The reason I found it really interesting because we don’t get to talk about topics like this on a daily basis because we don’t really pay much attention to how big the situation is. This is a very good opportunity to listen to our classmate’s ideas. The gap between the rich and the poor was very interesting as well because we got all the privilege we got in this school, and I’m sure that everyone is thankful for that. The fact that we don’t see the poor side as much we weren’t able to feel the gap.

The topic that is the most important that I think is the gap between the rich and poor because we can’t really feel like it’s really happening today. We may see a picture that might make us feel sorry for or sad about but after a while, we most likely forget about it, so I think it’s kind of important.

From reading the book and the discussion we made in class, it made me think twice about the things that I get to use and how some people struggle to survive a day. I learnt about from reading the book and answering the discussion question that each group made.

Looking for Hope …

What is the first thing you usually think of when people say the word “Hope”?  Hope is a feeling of expectations and desires for certain things to happen. I think it’s very important for people to have hopes in life. Eventhough some people don’t always achieve it, but at least there’s like a motivation for them to know what they are living for. Not having hope is somewhat like not have a goal in life, but hope is more of things that could be true with very little chance.

In my opinion, someone who has an uncertain life can maintain hope a lot easier than people with certain life. Of course, someone with an uncertain life will lose hope easier than someone who has a certain life because they tend to don’t achieve it and feel the loss and despair that they usually always get.

From taking Mr. Tim’s class, he did talk about why we all believe in a religion or some spiritual realm, and I think it can be both physical things and spiritual things at the same time. We can always have more than one hope right ;). Some might hope for things that they can really experience in life and some might not and hope for something they might feel good eternally. Everyone’s opinions are all different, but I’ll go for both.


Reflection On The Book Thief

The reflection that I had after reading the Book Thief was so significant. It made me realize what the world was back in the 1940s-1950s. The Book Thief, itself, made a huge impact on me that I thought it would just be a book talking about Hitler killing the Jews, but once I knew that the narrator of the book was Death it suddenly surprised me. Death really tells and gives you the new perspective that you don’t usually get when reading books like The Schindler’s List, Anna Frank Biography, and etc… From skimming through those books, we get the sense that it is telling the story from either side which is the Jews or the Germans who are saving the Jews.

Death tells the story in a way that describes humans are such a cruelty to other human beings. humans are supposed to have felt and guilt toward each other, but inside in the book Death had all the feelings rather than those soldiers that got brainwashed by Hitler. The Holocaust should have been a lesson to the whole world that over 60 million people die because of a person’s grudge. In contrast, there are so many genocides around the world for the past 10 to 20 years including the Rwanda genocide. all the genocide usually happen in the continent Africa where the third world is because of the lack of education is also possible.

Survivor Stories

A Story About Leisel Carter

The childhood story that Leisel have told us through the article might not be impacted by the Holocaust directly on her. But it definitely does through emotions, we could see that she was parted from her mom since she was just a toddler. Through her childhood lifetime, she has never spent time with her mother at all because of the work she does and the restriction she had at the time.

leisel carter 1

This story made it memorable because the thought of not having your mother beside you as a toddler is beyond unexpected. Relating it to myself, I don’t ever think that I could have survived not having a mom. It is so touching of how strong she is and how determined she is. Eventhough they don’t get to live together she still kept closed with her mother no matter what. I got to reflect that on my own, if I wasn’t living with my mom how would that feel like. Would I be in need of love or caring from her or other else that only a mother can provide for their child?

The meaning of actively remembering the horrific stories that have happened is to improve the future and also give another perspective for the new generations. As to what Leisel have said in the article, she thought it was very important to remember about it because they can show the future generations on the equality of the human race and how people should treat each other.