Scrolling down the PDF, out of the twenty-five human rights, I chose Everyone has the right to education as the one that stood out to me most and is most important to me. No one should have the rights to stop one from finding new knowledge for themselves. For people who are poor might be an exception, but if they really have the chance to get a good education then no one should look down on them and not letting them get the chance.

Everyone has the right to belong to a religion, is something that I think is very difficult to ensure in today’s world. In the world today, people in the same family still force you in a way that doesn’t look forceful but it does. Some families do not allow their children to have other religion except what they believe in. I think we should be more open-minded in the world today and not be so stubborn about how good or bad this specific religion is.

I think that there’s no certain answer towards the question, “What do you think is the source of human rights?” I believed that human rights have been shaping people very many years and I think it’s because of the nature around us that helps us to be who we are. I think from other perspectives God might be the answer towards their questions. There really shouldn’t be a legal system to deliberate it because I think it’s not what we are really should do

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