Culture and Morality

Morality comes along with the word culture and culture also comes along with the word morality. Each of us is different because of who we are, where we grew up as a kid, and how did the environment shape us to be like. I definitely think that morals are defined by our home cultures because what we got influenced is what is usually the morals thing that our culture does.

I really think that judging whether other cultures’ traditions are immoral or moral is inappropriate because it’s their rights to believe and do whatever that they think is correct. Because putting us in their shoes, we might not want them to say that our traditions are immoral. That would discourage us and definitely our beliefs towards what we have been doing for the past years.  I haven’t had the experienced about my traditions are not universally excepted but I might be able to have a taste of it if I were to study in the states.

When talking about committing adultery in my home culture. It would be such a shameful thing to do. On the other hand, Pearl Buck’s culture might view that this is not something bad that Wang Lung couldn’t do. Saying that Pearl Buck is wrong would be inappropriate because we all grew up in different environments and different times, so it’s totally fine for people to say whatever they think is okay for their culture.

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