Love is the Water of Life 

Everything other than love for the most beautiful God 

though it be sugar – eating. 

What is agony of the spirit?

To advance toward death without seizing 

hold the Water of Life. 

In this poem, we can see that Rumi is talking about God. He said that everything other than God, no matter if it’s sugar eating or any other thing. His love for his beautiful God is still the most superior thing in his life. He also asks a question about the spirit’s agony, and also answer the question itself by saying to die without getting hold the water of life. His answers for pain would be death without noticing anything else.

Answer is the Key to Your Life

Everything other than love for the people who you care about

though it being your family, friends, and loved ones. 

What is pain in your life?

To answer that, you would have to ask yourself. 

There is not much to think about if it’s not about your family, friends, or loved ones because they revolved around you the most they understand every situation in life that you are going through. But the problem is, can they answer the question ” What is pain if your life?”. We often think that our family members are going through a lot of situation that would depress them but did we turn around and look at ourselves if we are okay as well. No one knows about themselves better than they do is what I’m trying to say in the last paragraph.


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