Of course, teenager rebellion is totally unavoidable.

It can both be considered as something that is good and something that is bad for the children that are coming of age. The reason why I said both good and bad is that teenagers mostly learn from their own mistake rather than older people telling them. They don’t get to experience it so that’s why they will never believe that one day what those people have told us would really come true. Thinking positive would help a lot to go through the same stage that they are at.

When teenagers experience new things such as smoking, drinking, vaping, and etc… We can start to see them rebel, and going against is not something that would work effectively because they think they are doing the right thing and no one takes the blame from them doing the wrong thing. I think that the typical motivating factor for teenagers to rebel is the people surrounding them and the people that make a huge impact in their lives.

Yes, some kinds of rebellion had played a significant part in my life. Like when we started to think that the decision we make is more superior than what our parents have chosen for us. It sounds too cruel and serious to use the word “rebellion”, maybe we should just use the word ….umm… “having our own ideas of how to live life”.

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