Culture, Morality, or Human Rights?

I was more of culture and morality put together forming someone that I can really see a picture of. I think this really connects to the unit that we learned because in Wang Lung’s character we can see both his culture affecting the choices he makes and the morals he had for himself that affects how he does things too.

From this unit, I was able to relate a lot to my background as Asian, things are a lot more strict than anyone could imagine at all. I think because how our culture is so strict on manners and how to present ourselves towards the outsider or what we call society. From my view, culture made a lot of impact on my life and have taken almost half of my identity. Because of all the rules I have to follow to blend in with others, I’m most likely just a cloning of someone else’s who a generation older than me.

There were some questions that stuck out to me, and I still don’t have an answer for it. I think those questions really made me think a lot on who I was, and what morals I had on my mind. Sometimes I wonder if there’s morality why would you need culture.


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