“I Love My Country”

History is a big part of our world, so many things had happened before the present days have arrived. There is damage, suffer, and joy all over this world that had happen in the past, happening in the present, and will happen in the future. We can learn so many things from our history, which are the existence of this country or how people evolved the past hundreds of years. I think we learn how our nation became powerful or during when did we were at our weakest.

The pros of having a nationalistic thinking are because we get to unite and become one as a country. We can also have the ability to make our country stronger than others because we are a teamwork and people are willing to follow what their leaders suggest them to. Nationalistic thinking helps people to gain protection within their country and most people that have these kinds of thinking is a mixture of conformity and their own wants. The cons of having a nationalistic thinking are that we might be too stubborn and not open up to see that other countries are sometimes better than we are. When everyone is having a narrow, they all tend to fall rather than rise as a whole. I don’t think that it’s mostly good or bad, I just think that it plays a different role in different criteria.  I think there are both gains and losses towards two of the suggestions.

Yes, there is certainly a point where being too patriotic would become harmful to yourself and others. For example, you really love your country to the point that you can harm someone to make your country look more superior than other countries in just a split second. Then, verbally harm comes into play when people start talking bad about your country. You then feel the guilty inside that you shouldn’t have done something embarrassing toward others in the first place.

We should reconsider things that we can negotiate between countries to countries, that would prevent arguments between each other and more peace to come in the future. If we all reconsider things that are small and can be put aside then one day I’m sure that every countries representative can come out and hold each other’s hand to symbolize unity to the world.

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