Survivor Stories

A Story About Leisel Carter

The childhood story that Leisel have told us through the article might not be impacted by the Holocaust directly on her. But it definitely does through emotions, we could see that she was parted from her mom since she was just a toddler. Through her childhood lifetime, she has never spent time with her mother at all because of the work she does and the restriction she had at the time.

leisel carter 1

This story made it memorable because the thought of not having your mother beside you as a toddler is beyond unexpected. Relating it to myself, I don’t ever think that I could have survived not having a mom. It is so touching of how strong she is and how determined she is. Eventhough they don’t get to live together she still kept closed with her mother no matter what. I got to reflect that on my own, if I wasn’t living with my mom how would that feel like. Would I be in need of love or caring from her or other else that only a mother can provide for their child?

The meaning of actively remembering the horrific stories that have happened is to improve the future and also give another perspective for the new generations. As to what Leisel have said in the article, she thought it was very important to remember about it because they can show the future generations on the equality of the human race and how people should treat each other.


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