Reflection On The Book Thief

The reflection that I had after reading the Book Thief was so significant. It made me realize what the world was back in the 1940s-1950s. The Book Thief, itself, made a huge impact on me that I thought it would just be a book talking about Hitler killing the Jews, but once I knew that the narrator of the book was Death it suddenly surprised me. Death really tells and gives you the new perspective that you don’t usually get when reading books like The Schindler’s List, Anna Frank Biography, and etc… From skimming through those books, we get the sense that it is telling the story from either side which is the Jews or the Germans who are saving the Jews.

Death tells the story in a way that describes humans are such a cruelty to other human beings. humans are supposed to have felt and guilt toward each other, but inside in the book Death had all the feelings rather than those soldiers that got brainwashed by Hitler. The Holocaust should have been a lesson to the whole world that over 60 million people die because of a person’s grudge. In contrast, there are so many genocides around the world for the past 10 to 20 years including the Rwanda genocide. all the genocide usually happen in the continent Africa where the third world is because of the lack of education is also possible.

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