Looking for Hope …

What is the first thing you usually think of when people say the word “Hope”?  Hope is a feeling of expectations and desires for certain things to happen. I think it’s very important for people to have hopes in life. Eventhough some people don’t always achieve it, but at least there’s like a motivation for them to know what they are living for. Not having hope is somewhat like not have a goal in life, but hope is more of things that could be true with very little chance.

In my opinion, someone who has an uncertain life can maintain hope a lot easier than people with certain life. Of course, someone with an uncertain life will lose hope easier than someone who has a certain life because they tend to don’t achieve it and feel the loss and despair that they usually always get.

From taking Mr. Tim’s class, he did talk about why we all believe in a religion or some spiritual realm, and I think it can be both physical things and spiritual things at the same time. We can always have more than one hope right ;). Some might hope for things that they can really experience in life and some might not and hope for something they might feel good eternally. Everyone’s opinions are all different, but I’ll go for both.


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