Reflection Time!

Throughout the presentations and discussions time, the topic I found most interesting is prostitution and the gap between the rich and poor in society nowadays.

Prostitution was a big social problem that we had a lot of arguments about during the discussion. The reason I found it really interesting because we don’t get to talk about topics like this on a daily basis because we don’t really pay much attention to how big the situation is. This is a very good opportunity to listen to our classmate’s ideas. The gap between the rich and the poor was very interesting as well because we got all the privilege we got in this school, and I’m sure that everyone is thankful for that. The fact that we don’t see the poor side as much we weren’t able to feel the gap.

The topic that is the most important that I think is the gap between the rich and poor because we can’t really feel like it’s really happening today. We may see a picture that might make us feel sorry for or sad about but after a while, we most likely forget about it, so I think it’s kind of important.

From reading the book and the discussion we made in class, it made me think twice about the things that I get to use and how some people struggle to survive a day. I learnt about from reading the book and answering the discussion question that each group made.

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