Taiwan (The Republic of China) ;)

The other half of me came from Taiwan. A country is known for its food, people, and being part of China. Eventhough, I spent most of my life living in Thailand, I find Taiwan a very interesting place and I’m proud of being a part of that country.

Taipei 101

Image result for taipei 101

The tallest building from the year 2004 until 2010. It is located in the Xinyi district which is the center of the city of Taipei. Around the building, you will see many buildings around it. Around the district, there are multiple shopping malls that you can take a look at. At night the building will light up with different colors to attract people’s attention and also make it the center of attention around here.

Alishan Scenic Mountain Area 

Image result for alishan national scenic area

The infinity time that you would have to turn your steering wheel and yet you have not arrived at the location you should be. Alishan is has a breathtaking scenic view that you should see it in person rather than on pictures, but to get there isn’t the best journey you will experience. Once you get up there, there will be a tea shop that you can get a free sip and enjoy the beautiful view at the same time.

Longshan Temple 

Image result for longshan temple

Stepping into the area, you can smell of incense passing through your hair. It is a Buddhist temple, but a lot different from what you would experience in Thailand. The structure of the temple has a lot of differences compared to our country’s temple. People believed that going to the place is to worship Guanshinyin Buddha and other divine spirits.

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