Around the World Here We Go!

I guarantee you that most of the people on the planet will have traveling as their bucket list. Traveling is a great thing to do and you will also gain a lot just going somewhere that you have never been to. Going to a country or even a place within your country that you have never been to or thought about. It would be a very good experience to learn how it’s like outside of the capital city.

Responsible tourist, in my opinion, when going to a country or places that we haven’t been to before, we should research about the things that can be done in the area around there and things that can’t be done. I think it’s a very important thing to get some information because if you were to violate their laws or rules that they have made for the past 50 years, it would still be our fault.

Going to a foreign country, we should make new friends, exchange cultural values, and traditions within our country too. It is a better way to make it seem like it is worth traveling to that country. The relationship we make with the people there can be a benefit for us later on in the future, but who knows.

I’m don’t really remember the whole situation that had happened, but I can recover some. I was in a foreign country that had a traditional dance of their own, and I went to take a look at the big crowd in front of me. Once they started dancing, I found the moves that they were doing very funny, and now that I realize I shouldn’t make fun of their tradition I feel bad for performing bad actions towards it.


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