Future for Others

I haven’t yet put lots of thoughts into what I want to do in the future. If you are asking about the future as in college. I would say that the major that I will be majoring in will help the world to be a better place for people to live in. I’m majoring in environmental engineering. I think that I can serve a great purpose for society not directly but in some other ways. The job that I intend to do might only work for some countries that really do care for their people, but for the countries that don’t, it’s useless.

To be honest, I’m not really sure about what good things I have that will be able to help the society or even change it. This question really gave me a good thought about things that I already have, but can’t do anything with it. For now, I will still be thinking about it, but in the future, I’m sure that I can make at least a small impact for changing the society to be a better place and a suitable place for everyone to live happily.

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