Damage Project

Environmental destruction is such a big word, but it seems like only a few people really notice the word. In 2019, there are a lot of advances in the world today including technologies, population, and etc…  When there are a lot more new things happening and more people living on the planet space tends to tighten up. In order to build things like big beautiful buildings for 100K more people to live. How many trees, grasses, and soils would be cut down and get poured over with concrete? Not just the technologies that are ruining the environment, but the resources that we use on our daily basis can be a bad influence for our body and the environment itself too.

From my own story that I had experienced a few months ago is that the air quality in Thailand was so bad. I never cared about what I was inhaling in because no one in the city made a big deal about it. But when there’s this thing called PM 2.5 out on the news, I thought to myself about it but didn’t pay much attention at the moment because I didn’t understand what it was. A few days later after I saw it on the news, my mom sent me a website through line that explains what PM 2.5 was. It said that PM 2.5 is a very small dust molecule that can travel through your nose down into your lungs and to the bronchi. That will eventually create a start for your lung cancer. Because it’s so small that the lung filter doesn’t even work, so people started selling the N95 mask. I didn’t want to look like a creep so I just wore a normal mask.

From that day on, I started looking at trucks that use oil that creates black smokes. When I see that I felt bad for the people who aren’t able to provide themselves with masks. I started noticing a lot of changes that my family members started to make. For example, my mom usually fills our vehicle with normal diesel, but now she changed to premium diesel which lowers the smokes that comes out of the pipe. Not just the air quality in Bangkok that was bad, but it was all over Thailand including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Nakhon Ratchasima.

A few years ago, there was news talking about people going into the forests to cut down trees which is something really illegal in Thailand. Thinking about the hundreds and hundreds of trees that are cut down was already sad enough. By hearing the news talking about rich people hiring a professional hunter to go into the woods in order to hunt animals like tigers, panthers, leopards, and other big animals. It was devasting to see those animals get killed.

This is just a little country like Thailand, and there are so many living beings getting harm. Imagine being in a bigger country there are so much more risk for the animals and the environment to get hurt.

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