Damage and Healing

I think the source of healing that Alan Paton is trying to portray the source of healing is the land and Stephen’s family. According to the circle of the journey (the one Mr. Mark showed in class), the beautiful land that Stephen had lived for his whole life before he went into the darkness which was Johannesburg. Leaving the land not knowing the future that in the end would damage a big part of his life. This goes for both James Jarvis and Stephen. But after he came back to the beautiful land that was mentioned in the first couple of page, the land that was once beautiful and magical to the people started facing problems like droughts. But at last, they found a way to fix and made it better. Family is another major component in this story. The author definitely showed the good and the bad of family. The con is that the problems that family members have made can affect the other members. The pro is that they realize how much they value each other and how can a member of the family make such a big impact on the rest of the members.

I’m working on the topic of environmental destruction and some main parts are talking a lot about the environment of the land that Stephen and James come from compared to the land of Johannesburg. I totally understand the damage that humans are doing to the environment, and I think that under our consciousness we definitely know that our world isn’t in the best shape that it can be. abandoned-gold-mines-south-africa-robinson-dam-acid-mine-drainage.jpg

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