Ideas –> WARS

There are so many types of way that you can confront to fundamentalist or extremist, and some way wouldn’t give you the best outcome. By confronting people who have straightforward opinions on a certain things, I think we should talk to them like easy style take it slow and chill. If we were to use words that sound offended to them then they might have bad intentions towards you. I’m sure there is all types of confronting, but if we choose to do it the right way then that could somehow make them notice that they can’t have their idea being more superior than others on their own.

Violence kicks in when people start to confront it in a way that the extremist feels the offended intentions. I think that if confronting we should go slow because we know that they are very stubborn. We can compare extremist to someone who is very hot-headed, and by this we can see that saying things one at a time and let them understand about the world outside of them then they might understand that there are a lot more things beyond what they see if they are willing to open up to something bigger.


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